What Everyone Needs to Know about Cavities

Christmas time is in the air again. You know what that means… more sweet treats and goodies! Life can get so busy on the days leading to it – between preparing gifts, decorating the place, and getting ready for parties. Since we at DentalCareXtra want you to have the best holiday ever, we’ve compiled a list of things you need to know to avoid toothaches caused by cavities during the holidays.

First of All, Tooth Cavity

Everyone basically has microbes living in their mouth since birth. (Yikes, right?) This bacteria, known as streptococcus mutans, feed on your sugar and starch intake and turns them into acid as a by-product. The acid degrades your tooth enamel that causes a formation of a tooth cavity that can lead to tooth decay.

Why You Have It

While everyone is at risk for cavities, there are some people who are more susceptible to cavities due to genes. These individuals have softer enamels and it doesn’t do them any better when they have the following:

  • poor diet, having a higher intake of sugary food
  • poor dental habits
  • dry mouth
  • acid reflux, as the acid wears down the enamel

You’ll know when you have it when you experience either tooth sensitivity, discomfort or pain when eating hot or cold food, notice a hole in your tooth, and see black staining on it.

Treatment Options Available

It’s never a great feeling when the dentist tells you that you have a cavity. But worry not, because DentalCareXtra has got your back. Let’s take a look at the treatment options available for removing cavities.

Before the holidays, pay a visit to a DentalCareXtra Practice near you. We can run tests such as X-rays to know and make sure whether or not there are holes or cavity build up in your mouth that needs to be remedied.

We use amalgam-free fillings that are completely safe. We can repair your worn and decayed tooth as quick and painless as you can imagine, with a result that is completely durable and long-lasting.

When the tooth is badly affected, you could always go for crowns and implants. When there’s just not so much left with your natural teeth, most dentists recommend crowns or implants instead. DentalCareXtra offers a same-day crown service in which we prepare the tooth for a crown, manufacture the crown, and bond it – all within the same appointment.

A natural tooth can always be saved by a root canal. No need for implants. Dentists need to extract the pulp, remove the tissue and nerves along with the decayed portion and fill in the roots with a sealing material.

Nobody wants painful teeth around Christmas! Contact our team of experts at DentalCareXtra now for a cavity-free smile.