Clear aligners or braces? We think the choice is clear.

We’re often asked whether clear aligners are as good as they seem – almost invisible, easily removable and amazingly effective. Here at DentalCareXtra, we know there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution to straightening teeth, and there will be circumstances where a traditional brace offers the best solution. However, as a teeth straightening method that fits with your lifestyle, clear aligners are hard to beat. Here’s why…

What are the advantages of clear aligners?
Clear aligners offer several specific benefits over traditional metal braces:

• Fewer dental check-ups. You’ll only need to see your dentist every six to eight weeks as long as you change your aligner every two to three weeks at home, as advised by your dentist.
• Remote monitoring. DentalCareXtra is now offering a monitoring service that could reduce the number of trips to the dentist during the teeth straightening process even further. Simply send us photographs of your teeth via your smartphone, and our skilled team will review these remotely to keep you informed and reassured throughout your treatment.
• Aligners can be removed for special occasions and for easier cleaning. Removing your aligner temporarily will not affect the overall straightening process, so if you’d like to take it out for an evening, you can. You’ll also be able to ensure your teeth are always cleaned thoroughly, which is much more difficult with traditional metal braces.

How long does the teeth straightening process take?
Obtaining the perfect smile takes time – whether you’re wearing clear aligners or fixed braces, it’s likely to be 18-24 months before you achieve the finished look you’re after. Of course, everyone is different and your DentalCareXtra dentist will advise you and keep you fully informed throughout as your new smile emerges! You may be advised to wear a retainer afterward, in order to ensure your newly straight teeth don’t start moving back out of shape. This can either be a removable one, worn at night, or a wire fixed discreetly to the back of the teeth; your dentist will discuss his / her recommendations with you at the end of your treatment.

That perfect smile can be yours from $5,895
As a Platinum Invisalign Provider, DentalCareXtra has helped countless people obtain the smile of their dreams. Our team has huge amounts of experience in devising and managing teeth straightening programmes that are tailored to the individual for perfect results every time. It costs less than you might think too, with prices starting from $5,895. But you can’t put a price on the confidence and comfort that a lifetime of straight teeth brings!

The friendly and professional team at DentalCareXtra are always happy to answer any questions you may have, and discuss treatment options tailored exactly to your needs.