Know Before You Go: Professional Whitening

If you’ve been thinking about getting your teeth whitened lately, you probably have a lot of questions. Whether you’ve done over-the-counter whitening before or are completely new to whitening, we’re here with the answers!

Our In-House Whitening Options
Tooth whitening can take away the discolouration of your teeth through the use of the appropriate level of tooth whitening agents. Our friendly team at DentalCareXtra will be able to provide you with the treatment advice to ensure you get the white smile results. If you are located in Mackay, Moranbah, or the Pioneer Valley, it’s an easy, hassle-free way to get a brighter smile.

DentalCareXtra offers both In-Chair or Take-Home treatment options. The team are trained to undertake this treatment and use only Therapeutic Goods Association (TGA) registered whitening products to ensure your safety. Check out our latest special.

Why Professional Whitening?
Dentists have the expertise to diagnose the condition of your teeth, and the knowledge to identify if teeth whitening is suitable for you. If it is, we know what the best whitening approach is for longevity so there is no damage to your life-long oral health.

Call To Schedule A Whitening Appointment Today!
If you still have questions about the whitening process, just give us a call and we’ll be happy to give you more information so you’ll be ready to get the whiter smile you’ve been dreaming of!

We can’t wait to see those dazzling pearly whites!