How your smile could be your secret to success

I once read that to boost your confidence before a job interview, that you should find a quiet corner (or in the elevator ride up) to do a power pose. Stand with your fists on your hips, shoulders back and tell yourself ‘you got this’. It might sound silly but, a positive mindset and confidence in one’s self is often linked to how we hold and view ourselves and how others view us. So, how can we get that confident feeling year-round without the Wonder Woman or Superman pose? The answer is simple: smile.

A confident smile goes a long way toward improving your self-worth, but did you know that your smile can also be the key to landing your dream job and finding your life partner? Recent studies have found that one-third of Australians claim that a person’s smile is the first thing they notice when they meet someone*.

A report by ACECIS confirms that in a job interview, your smile goes a long way in showing your interviewer that you’re comfortable and confident. Additionally, your smile can convey what type of person you are at an interview because it becomes part of your presentation. Meaning, if you show up with unbrushed teeth and coffee on your breath, your interviewer may see you as someone who doesn’t take personal hygiene seriously, let alone dental hygiene, which can ruin your chances of landing that job.

While the key elements of your confident, perfect smile may differ to the next person, there are a few staples which all people find attractive in a smile:

• Having white teeth – free of cigarette or coffee stains;
• Having straight teeth; and
• Having teeth free of chips or unsightly gaps (we’re talking missing teeth gap, not a Lauren Hutton or Lily Aldridge gap which many people find endearing).

There are many ways to get your perfect smile including teeth whitening treatments, veneers or the various straightening methods, just to name a few. You may be thinking that dental treatments are expensive, but are they really any less important to your self-esteem than designer clothing or expensive hair treatments? We think not, because good teeth and a great smile enhances your image by making you appear more friendly, approachable and trustworthy but it also enhances your self-assurance, and you can’t put a price on that.

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