Risks of Teeth Whitening With Non-Dentists

Everyone wants to look great, be appreciated, and not feel conscious when he or she smiles. But if you are looking at alternatives for teeth whitening that is not undertaken by a trained Dentist, there are some risks that you need to be aware of.

Through time our teeth are marred with dental stains due to our food intake and poor dental habit which can be impactful to our self-confidence. People with stained teeth tend to be shy and are hesitant to smile – limiting their potential to do whatever they want to do. And it is because of this that they dream of being able to smile again, get their natural white teeth back and look for DIY teeth whitening treatments that are just more likely to harm their teeth.

Dentists at DentalCareXtra are focused on the well-being of our Patients. We center on giving “Xtra Care” in helping you address, maintain, and improve your Oral Health. Hence we listed below the four things that you should be aware of before considering Beauty Therapist, Pop Up Shopping Mall or overseas whitening treatment.

Dentists are trained and certified to whiten teeth.
Beware of non-dentist who are claiming they can whiten teeth. They do not have the expertise to diagnose the condition of your teeth or the knowledge and expertise to identify if teeth whitening is suitable for you and if it is, what is the best whitening approach for longevity and not damaging your oral health for life.

A thorough dental examination is a must.
Before any teeth whitening process, a thorough dental examination is a must. It is the best way to ensure your dental state is fit to go through any dental treatment and make sure that the necessary treatments and adjustments given to you are exactly what you need. Otherwise, nerve damages can occur.

Only dental experts can control teeth whitening issues.
Only dental experts can prevent and control any issues such as harming the delicate oral tissues that might come with teeth whitening gels. Yes, teeth whitening can hurt your gum tissue, and it will only result in mild discomfort or severe pain when it is not done with the utmost care by our DentalCareXtra dental experts.

Our treatment process only takes one hour with results we stand behind.
DentalCareXtra offers both In-Chair or Take home treatment options. The team are trained to undertake this treatment and use only Therapeutic Goods Association (TGA) registered whitening products to ensure your safety.

So if you want a better smile, and make sure that you get back your confidence, seek our Team of experts at DentalCareXtra for your whitening needs.

Not only do we provide the optimal teeth whitening treatment, but also provide this by Trained Dental Professionals who are experts in everything to do with your oral care. Why risk this with non-professionals, that could cause you issues in both the short and long term.

Let us have a chat and have that teeth whitening treatment for you scheduled!