Why do my teeth need cleaning by a dentist?
We all know that a regular and comprehensive oral care routine is important to keep teeth, gums and tongue healthy. But the definition of ‘regular’ and ‘comprehensive’ can vary from person to person! A quick brush morning and night isn’t enough to keep tartar and plaque in check, which is why dentists recommend the complementary use of mouthwash and floss at home, alongside examinations at intervals recommended by your dentist or hygienist.

At each visit to your dentist, your teeth will be given an exam and clean to remove the plaque and tartar that you simply can’t get to at home. And who doesn’t love that feeling of having super-clean teeth?!

How does an exam and clean prevent problems?
Checking your teeth for signs of decay is just one element of the exam and clean appointment, your dentist or hygienist will also carry out:

  • Evaluation of gum health
  • Head and neck examination (underlying problems can manifest as physical signs)
  • Assessment of any early signs of oral cancer, diabetes or vitamin deficiencies
  • Bite alignment check
  • Saliva assessment (too much? not enough? unusual colour?)
  • Jaw movement analysis

An exam and clean appointment is the ideal time to assess current oral health, monitor any changes since last time and advise on any required action early on.

What are my options?
Most commonly an exam and clean every six months is recommended to complement the brushing and flossing you do every day at home, and school holidays can be the ideal time to book the whole family in. However, your dentist may recommend more regular visits if any of the following apply:

  • Your teeth exhibit a fast rate of decay and cavities develop quickly
  • You have previously been diagnosed with gum disease
  • You are a: smoker, diabetic or pregnant woman

Don’t forget that most insurance plans include two examinations and professional cleans twice a year, so by having an exam and clean every six months, not only will you be keeping your teeth and gums in great shape, but you’ll be getting your money’s worth too!

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