Feel like a beauty queen when you wear a crown

That aspirational Hollywood smile may be closer than you think! If self-consciousness about your teeth makes you worry about being captured on camera at a special event, or if you feel uncomfortable talking to new people, a crown could be the perfect solution.

What is a crown?
A crown (commonly called a ‘cap’) is a cosmetic device attached permanently into your mouth. It is usually cemented over an existing tooth, or a crown can also be fitted as a whole new artificial tooth fixed onto a small metal post implanted into the gum. Custom-made from porcelain or ceramics, crowns can be matched to the colour of your natural teeth, or made much whiter if that is your preference.

Your dentist may recommend a crown to:
• Replace a large filling when there is not enough tooth remaining
• Protect a weak tooth from fracturing
• Restore a fractured tooth
• Attach a bridge
• Cover a dental implant
• Cover a discoloured or poorly shaped tooth
• Cover a tooth that has discoloured after root canal treatment

What can be done improve the look and feel of my teeth?
Crowns provide a discreet, long-lasting and natural-looking solution to missing teeth. And not only are they crafted to look exactly like your other teeth, but they won’t move about or get food stuck underneath like dentures can. Which means no more discomfort or embarrassment when eating or speaking.
Crowns feel completely normal and natural, and your smile will be brighter and straighter!

How do crowns work?
There are two types of crown, each fitted in slightly different ways:
• Capping existing teeth. Before this type of crown can be made, the tooth (or teeth) must be reduced in size for a perfect fit. Your dentist will then take an impression to provide an exact mould for the crown.
• Replacing teeth. This type of crown requires small metal posts or frames to be surgically implanted in your jawbone to hold it in place.

In both cases, if porcelain is being used, your dentist will determine the correct shade to be produced, either to match the colour of your existing teeth or to whiten the appearance of your smile.

Talk to our team today to find out whether a crown could give you the healthy bright smile you deserve, and give you back your confidence.