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The Role of Chiropractic

Why we work with a Chiropractor to give you and your child the best outcome?

We highly recommend that patients receive manual therapy (chiropractic) in the 24 hours prior to treatment. Then there is follow up treatment 48 hours post-treatment. 

The treatment undertaken by an experienced Chiropractor who is appropriately qualified increases the flexibility and suppleness of the muscles in the mouth, neck and head. This then has a positive impact on the outcome of the treatment.  The treatment is undertaken by the Chiropractor also plays an important role in establishing new muscle habits along with new neural pathways.   

Why is Chiropractic or Cranio-sacral therapy Pre and Post Frenectomy highly recommended?

The human body is an amazing, intelligent and complex jigsaw puzzle. Everything within it is intrinsically linked and works in an integrated way to allow for optimal function. If any functional restriction or inhibition exists, it is innately programmed to compensate elsewhere to allow that function to continue.

In the case of a tongue/lip tie, there is an over-activation of the surrounding musculature, placing unbalanced stress on the developing cranial and skeletal structures. Because the frenulum is a midline structure of the body, as is the spine and nervous system, quite often when restriction occurs in the mouth, it is also noted in the spine. For this reason, having a Chiropractor or other specialized Cranio-sacral therapist release these areas of restriction, enhances the outcome of the frenectomy procedure, allowing for the body the heal in a more efficient manner.

Therapy performed before the procedure is specifically targeted at ensuring that the body is functioning in the best possible way so that it can optimally integrate the procedure.

From a Chiropractic standpoint, we are adjusting the spine and cranial system to remove any areas of potential interference to the nervous system. This allows the brain to better control optimal healing of the body and allows the body to accurately relay messages back to the brain. It is often noted from the surgeons perspective that it is also easier to access the tissues in the area of treatment, especially the floor and roof of the mouth because the muscles and soft tissue have been released and are more relaxed. The child also tends to be more relaxed for the procedure, because generally, they are more comfortable.

What does a Chiropractic adjustment entail?

The pressure used to adjust a child or baby is incredibly gentle and much like a soft massage.Particular attention is usually paid to releasing areas of tension at the top of the body, near the base of the skull and at the base of the spine, or tailbone. These are the areas that the spinal cord attaches and tend to be the areas of greatest restriction within a tied child. Furthermore, specific attention will be paid to release tension from the cranial structures (the skull), which also includes parts of the mouth. The therapist will gently release these areas of tension with the amount of pressure known as "eye-ball" pressure – just enough pressure to help release the area of restriction without causing any discomfort to the baby or child.

Therapy performed after the procedure specifically targets releasing the soft tissue restrictions that have compensated for the lack of tongue/lip movement. Detailed cranio-sacral exercises will also be given and demonstrated to the carers of the child so they can continue to enhance the healing process at home.

Ultimately, combining both bodywork and the procedure together ensures best patient outcomes.

The procedure is going to be better accepted by the patient and healing will be enhanced post revision. Clinical observation has shown us that patients who have utilised both Chiropractic or Cranio-sacral care either side of frenectomy treatment have significantly less chance of needing further revision done.

As practitioners, it is integral that we work closely together to ensure that best outcomes can be achieved for the patient.

For more information on how a chiropractor can help your child during the care of a lip and/or tongue tie correction check out our KIDS page!

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