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Why we work with Lactation Consultants to give you and your child the best outcome?

We work alongside an Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant to give you and your child/infant the best outcome. They provide a skilled and knowledgeable assessment, then assistance and support for you and your baby. She will identify and work with you to achieve your goals, mapping out an individual care plan for you and your baby.

A Lactation Consultant plays a critical role in the entire process of identification, care and re-education of mother and child before, during and after the procedure. 

Some of the areas the Lactation Consultant can assist with include:
- Positioning and attachment difficulties
- Slow weight gain
- Compromised (low) milk supply
- Breast and nipple care due to damage
- Discomfort or pain while nursing
- Blocked ducts / thrush / mastitis
- Sleep deprivation due to the frequency of feeding
- Anxiety, stress and fatigue
- Breast and/or bottle refusal

We work with the Lactation Consultant to ensure your child gets the optimal long-term outcome for the lifelong health benefits. When an infant has had a restriction, it is important to retrain both mother and baby on how to best achieve normal feeding.

We understand how important breastfeeding is, and that is why at KIDS we have an in-house lactation consultant ready to answer all your questions!

The Lactation Consultant brings a wealth of knowledge to our Team by taking a multi-disciplined Team Approach to the mother and child.
For more information about our Allied Health support team, contact us today.

For more information about IBCLC's Lactation Consultants visit IBCLC or LCANZ websites.

For breastfeeding support, visit Australian Breastfeeding Association or call the helpline on 1800 686 268 to speak to a trained Breastfeeding Counsellor.

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