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Ozospa Alkaline Mouth Rinse

Start your dental hygiene routine with the mouth-watering Ozospa Alkaline Mouth Rinse.

This blissful rinse MAY neutralise acids before you brush your teeth (to avoid scrubbing away mineral and eroding teeth), dissolve plaque (for easier cleaning), stimulate your saliva (natural protective mechanism of your mouth) and oxidise stains (to Whiten teeth) as well as freshen your breath.

It features a unique powerful blend of highly concentrated active ingredients including; Xylitol, Zinc and Sodium Chlorite (BiOx), which are all clinically proven to promote balance in the biofilm and ecosystem within your mouth.

The Alkaline Mouth Rinse is formulated to neutralise acidic pH to protect teeth and stimulate your saliva to minimise erosion. It inactivates Volatile Sulphur Compounds (VSCs) that cause bad breath.

Swish a good mouthful around for 1-2 minutes to dissolve plaque, oxidise stains, whiten teeth and ready your mouth for the next step: brushing with Ozospa Dental Powder . . .

Ozospa products have a high concentration of Xylitol compared to many other dental products that 'contain' Xylitol, and we only use non GMO Finnish Birchwood Xylitol.

Guaranteed Safe from nasties!

For best results, use the complete Ozospa Oral Care System daily.

INGREDIENTS: Purified Ozonated Water (Aqua), Xylitol, Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium Chlorite, Zinc Citrate, Menthol.  500 ml

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