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The Myobrace System - Orthodontist Mackay

We all want to look great and to achieve this it must start with our teeth. The teeth speak a lot about a person and how one looks after them. When the teeth are not fully aligned we don't feel like showing them every time we smile or take snapshots. Crooked teeth or overcrowding make a person look old and can make a person look less credible and unprofessional especially when we talk about work. The goal of an orthodontist is to help you achieve the exceptional look you always wanted your teeth to have.

A Modern Orthodontic Treatment

The traditional way of fixing teeth misalignment requires wearing braces and retainers that can become uncomfortable and painful to the patient. Nowadays, with modern orthodontic treatment, you can have your dream set of teeth through minimally-invasive teeth straightening. We have developed a system that no longer involves the use of braces or retainers when a patient wants to have healthy and straight teeth.

The MyoBrace System is proven effective in correcting poor teeth alignment and oral habits of a person. It is able to assist in the correction of the underlying issues that cause the misalignment of teeth. Factors such as Mouth Breathing, Tongue Thrusting, incorrect swallowing all impact the form and function of the teeth.

The Myobrace System is designed to address the root cause issues that impact on the look and form of your teeth, for the long-term health of the mouth and body. This system was tested and developed over 20 years and the good news is, there's no need to wear braces at all! Myobrace provides light forces that help the teeth align naturally to their designated position.

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This pre-orthodontics system is already being used worldwide by Orthodontists and Dentists. Unlike braces and retainers that must be used 24/7, Myobrace will only be used for 1 to 2 hours every day and overnight for effective results in correcting crooked teeth. This technique does not only focus on aligning the teeth but targets the root causes of dental misalignment and underdeveloped jaws.

This is highly recommended for children aged six to ten, a perfect time where they are still growing and where corrections can still be done. Our specialised children's orthodontists within Pioneer Valley, Mackay, Moranbah, Marian, Issac Region are ready to help you and child get the smile they deserve.

Say goodbye to overcrowding & crooked teeth!

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