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DentalCareXtra go the Xtra mile with your smile, we understand the importance of early indication of dental problems.

There are numerous factors that occur within your mouth, only a dentist can see.
Missing your check-up can be costly.

When attending a New Patient Experience with DentalCareXtra, our dental professionals conduct a thorough Full Mouth Assessment.

Taking/view a panoramic, full mouth X-ray, along with two smaller X-rays, also photos of the inside of your mouth.

Evaluating many more factors than the eye can see such as:

  • Presence and position of all teeth (including your wisdom teeth).
  • Possible cysts or infections.
  • Jawbone and joint health.
  • Any abnormal growths.
  • Oral tissue screening.
  • Physical Assessment of your gum health and risk of dental decay.

In this promotion, we are also giving a complimentary Smile Simulation for our Clear Aligners.

New Patient Special

Learn more about our Smile Simulation here.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. A consultation with our Treating Professional is required to determine your suitability for treatment, and any treatment is conditional on the advice of the Treating Professional.
  2. An assessment of your Oral Health will be undertaken as part of the New Patient Experience Check-up and Clean.
  3. Based on the assessment, additional treatment may be required and the Dentist will provide you with a Treatment Plan which will cover any additional treatment and costs which will be required to be signed off by the patient prior to the procedure commences.
  4. This offer may be changed, amended or withdrawn at any time.
  5. This package is valid for an individual person and may not be split.
  6. This promotion can only be used at DentalCareXtra Mackay.

Grab this offer today for only $195 valued at over $590.

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