Caring for your Babies and Children with KIDS

Oral Health and Beyond really care about your kids. We have extended our service with the establishment of KIDS, a Mackay based health organisation with the focus on children and their families. The focus of KIDS is to provide their patients with the best range of alternatives to help address health issues, in a comfortable and relaxing environment. At KIDS, issues related to breathing, posture, clenching, grinding and overall KIDS well-being is evaluated and assessed with the most appropriate allied health professionals, to give you the optimal outcome.

We specialise Lip and Tongue Tie Care, providing the care, support and treatment so that the decision made is suited for you and your child.

Lip and Tongue Tie with Dr Hany

Why KIDS Care

KIDS is a unique service which brings together trusted professionals from a range of Allied Health Services that complement and enhance the care and outcomes for you and your KIDS.

We are a one-stop care centre where skilled professional consultants are available to advise you to make the best decisions for the short and long-term health of your family. We care about the long-term effects of not correcting the underlying issues that impact on your child’s health.

What Is Unique About KIDS

KIDS has been specially designed to meet the desires of its families based on a deep understanding of types of care and treatment which give our KIDS the optimal outcomes. From an engaging and colourful waiting room, the Myobrace Education Centre, through to the Care Rooms (or otherwise know as Treatment Rooms)… We have created spaces both you and your child will love.

Great care and attention to detail has gone into developing KIDS. From fun activities to keep kids busy with iPads and PlayStation, through to fun characters and a colourful environment; it all makes KIDS a fun and enjoyable place your kids will want to return to. No more fighting in the car about heading to the dentist! It can be a place you look forward to relaxing with your child.


Waiting Room


Waiting Room


Treatment Room with TV


Nurture Room

KIDS has also created a Nurture Room for pre and post-care, and privacy for our Lip and Tongue Tie Care. With a soft, gentle and nurturing environment, this Nurture Room is separated from the rest of the practice and provides privacy and care when you need it most.

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* Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.