Teeth Grinding or Clenching

Do you know the long-term effects of Grinding and Clenching (Bruxism) that can have on your overall health? Teeth grinding assistance is provided in Moranbah and Mackay to help provide you with solutions that will meet your needs.

Grinding or Clenching often occurs during sleep and can result in headaches, migraines, sore jaw and tight facial muscles along with tight neck and shoulders, which can be a sign of more underlying problems.

Here is an example of the effect of Teeth Grinding (Bruxism) on your teeth.

Teeth Grinding assessments can be undertaken in our Moranbah and Mackay Practices to give you options to help your Oral Health.

In some cases, chronic teeth grinding can result in fracturing, loosening or loss of teeth. Severe grinding can also affect your jaws, resulting in hearing loss and cause “temporomandibular joint” (TMJ) along with also changing the appearance of your face.

DentalCareXtra can provide you with a range of treatment options, from customised mouth appliances to facial muscular procedures, using muscular injections. Teeth Grinding solutions in both Moranbah and Mackay are just a phone call away.

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