DentalCareXtra likes to provide you with options to help you achieve the best Oral Health Care outcomes.

We are able to provide specialist Dental Payment solutions to eligible patients* with zipMoney Mediplan and DentiCare Payment plans.

If you have a treatment cost that needs to be spread over a period of time to help you manage the overall costs, we can help you with a choice of two products.

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What are the two options?

zipMoney is perfect for you DentiCare Payment Plans

When are you eligible for this payment plan?

Once we have created your personalised Treatment Plan at DentalCareXtra, we can send you an invitation to apply for zipMoney. The process is very simple and most plans are approved within minutes. Once we have created your personalised Treatment Plan at DentalCareXtra you will be able to apply for the appropriate payment plan .

What is the Cost?

zipMoney is an interest-free payment solution. Nothing to pay upfront. Flexible weekly, fortnightly or monthly repayments. DentiCare has a one off set up fee of $39 payable to DentiCare. You will then receive a no-interest payment plan.

What is the length of the Payment Plan?

zipMoney easy online no interest payment plan DentiCare offers payment plan solutions.

What are the benefits of each payment plan?

Providing the highest standard of care through transparent, flexible and easy to use the interest-free 6-month option

A 100% digital experience, 3-minute mobile application in a clinic or at home. No need to physically sign a contract.

We do not ask for payslips or supporting documentation as we use proprietary technology to assess the patient’s application.

No deposit required. No complicated finance contracts to complete. No credit checks and no lengthy approval process is required it in the account can be used to cover 100% of the cost.

Once the account is set up, the funds are available. No expiry date.

No early payment penalty.

Re-usable limit healthcare digital wallet.

You only need to complete an online application to the Denticare Portal at the Practice.

No complicated finance contracts to complete. No credit checks and no lengthy approval process is required

Start your treatment straight away. Now there’s no reason to delay that perfect smile.

Don’t pay any interest in your dental or orthodontic treatment. No interest, no fuss.

Choose your repayment period from 3 to 24 months and how often you pay. A payment plan that is convenient for you.

Relax, no need to worry about paying for your treatment all at once. Spread the cost over time.

What makes me eligible to apply for a Payment Plan? You are required to answer four criteria assessment questions as part of the application process. If you pass these criteria, you will then be able to set up the payment plan to enable your treatment to commence.

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* Minimum spend and Credit Criteria are required to allow acceptance to DentiCare and zipMoney.