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Your Local Dentist In Mackay and Moranbah!

DentalCareXtra is your local Community Dentist where Care and Quality Matter.

We offer the widest range of Services that means you get the most appropriate treatment that meets your needs.

Dentist in QLD

DentalCareXtra is part of Oral Health & Beyond which has been created to enable you and your family to receive a range of services that connects your Oral Health to General Health
to give you the most positive outcome for your overall health through KIDS, DentalCareXtra and Snoring Laser Care.

Payment Options

DentalCareXtra likes to provide you with options to help you achieve the best Oral Health Care outcomes with zipMoney Mediplan and DentiCare Payment plans.


Snoring Laser Care offers a NightLase Treatment. It is a patented, fast, minimally invasive and virtually painless way of increasing the quality of you and your partner’s sleep.


We also now offer Online Bookings. If you are a new patient you can book a New Patient Exam or as an existing patient, you can choose and update an existing appointment time that suits your busy schedule.

Clear Aligners

Look great – feel great with Invisalign, where we proudly hold the Platinum Provider status, and Spark Aligners, for which we are honoured to be a Pinnacle Provider.


  • The 12 Days of Dental Health: A Christmas Countdown

    Deck the halls with healthy smiles! The holiday season is upon us, and at DentalCareXtra, we're celebrating with a special 12 Days of Dental Health countdown. Each day leading up ..

  • Tips to Look After Your Teeth during Christmas

    Your dental health, especially your teeth, can be extra vulnerable this Christmas due to the abundance of sweet treats available during this time of the year. We want to make sure everything for you goes well this Christmas season. Read on for helpful tips on protecting your mouth.

  • How to Look After Your Teeth at Christmas

    We bet the last thing you want this Christmas is to worry about your dental health. However, your dental health, especially your teeth, can be extra vulnerable...

  • Have a Mouth-Healthy Halloween

    CAN YOU BELIEVE HALLOWEEN is coming up so soon? It is always a fun time of year, with the spooky movies, the fun decorations, the costumes, and the tasty treats. We are not here to drop toothbrushes in anyone’s candy buckets, but we do want to offer some tips on how our patients can make Halloween as healthy for their teeth as possible.


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