Considering Dental Tourism?

It’s important to know all the facts when you’re considering heading offshore to have your Dental work undertaken overseas.

Complex dental treatment can sometimes come at a high cost. Some Australians consider getting their treatment overseas in order to receive a ‘free’ holiday out of their dental treatment instead of having it done at home.

It’s really important that you know the risks

  • Is there a reason dental treatment is significantly cheaper in the developing world?
  • What are the risks associated with it?
  • What happens when you have a follow-up issue and you’re back in Australia?
  • What is the quality of materials, sterilisation and qualifications of the Dentists and Support Staff?
  • What risk am I putting my overall health at?

The Australian Dental Association has prepared the resources to demonstrate the risks associated with overseas dental treatment.

Check it out for yourself first, as it’s important you know all the facts.