Crooked teeth are a thing of the past for teenagers, thanks to Invisalign

Being a teenager isn’t easy, and worrying about crooked teeth doesn’t have to be another burden. Feeling self-conscious about your smile can limit social opportunities and leave teenagers focusing on their looks even more than normal! However, aesthetics aside, crooked teeth can also have an impact on your teenager’s health, because they can cause a range of problems such as:
• Gum or jawbone disease (periodontal disease)
• Risk to general health
• Excessive tooth wear and trauma

Why aren’t the teeth straight?
Misaligned bites are often inherited traits, but teeth can also become crooked as children grow and experience adolescence. Factors such as poor oral hygiene and bad habits can play a part too – biting pens or fingers, excessive use of toothpicks or persistently resting your chin on your hand whilst you’re on your laptop or games console for example. Accidents, extractions or permanent teeth not erupting after the baby teeth have fallen out can all cause teeth to come out, leaving gaps that can be unsightly as well as causing neighbouring teeth to move out of line.

Can anything be done to prevent teeth becoming crooked?
Anyone who lost teeth early as a child, or whose mouth is naturally very small, may be pre-disposed towards misaligned teeth. However, the good news is that preventative steps can be taken, and establishing good habits in the following areas can help ensure teeth stay as straight as possible:
• Don’t bite your nails, chew pens or blow bubbles with gum; these can all have an accumulated impact on your teeth
• Fix any gaps where teeth are missing – these cause the force of chewing to be redistributed on nearby teeth
• Try not to rest your head on your hands when working – this causes uneven pressure on the jaw that can cause your teeth to move
• Check wisdom teeth. Our DentalCareXtra team can advise whether removing some or all of the wisdom teeth may help address any overcrowding
• Don’t sleep on your front – the subtle, repeated pressure of sleeping on your stomach can cause teeth to shift over time

What are the options for straightening teeth?
Invisalign have helped countless DentalCareXtra teenage patients straighten their teeth with minimal cosmetic impact and a range of benefits:
• Discreet. Invisalign Clear Aligners are a bespoke set of invisible, custom-made and removable teeth trays. There are no wires, brackets or bands, and as they are made of smooth plastic they won’t irritate cheeks and gums. You can even remove them for special occasions.
• Highly effective. Typically, achieving straight teeth with Invisalign Clear Aligners takes 12-24 months, with a new set of custom-made aligners changed every 2-3 weeks.
• Affordable. Invisalign Clear Aligners treatment requires no deposit and costs from just $57 per week, spread over 24 months. Interest-free payments may be available through zipMoney, subject to Credit Terms and Conditions.

The friendly, professional team at DentalCareXtra are always happy to answer any questions you may have, and discuss treatment options with our Complimentary Consultation to help determine the best option for your teenagers.