Deck the halls with healthy smiles! The holiday season is upon us, and at DentalCareXtra, we’re celebrating with a special 12 Days of Dental Health countdown. Each day leading up to Christmas, we’ll be unwrapping a new dental health tip to keep your smiles merry and bright. Plus, a quick note: DentalCareXtra will be spreading holiday cheer from December 22nd, 2023, and will reopen on January 8th, 2024. Now, let the countdown begin!

Day 1: Jingle All the Way to Good Oral Hygiene!

Start the countdown with the basics! Remember to jingle all the way to good oral health by brushing your teeth twice a day for two minutes each time. A healthy smile is the best ornament you can wear!*

Day 2: Mistletoe and Flossing Go Hand in Hand

*Hang the mistletoe and don’t forget to floss! Mistletoe and flossing both bring loved ones closer. Keep those spaces between your teeth as clean as the holiday spirit.*

Day 3: Sleigh Bells and Dental Checkups

On the third day, schedule your sleigh ride to DentalCareXtra for a checkup. Regular dental checkups keep your smile in top-notch condition. Don’t wait until the new year—book your appointment now!

Day 4: Nutcracker-Safe Snacking

Snack smart with a nod to the Nutcracker! Choose healthy snacks like nuts, cheese, and crunchy fruits to keep your teeth strong and your taste buds delighted.

Day 5: Frosty the Enamel-Friendly Snowman

Protect your enamel just like Frosty guards his snowy exterior. Opt for enamel-friendly toothpaste to keep your teeth strong and resilient against the winter chill.

Day 6: Wrap It Up—Toothbrush Style!

Channel your inner elf and wrap up your toothbrush in festive colours. A cheerful toothbrush is a great way to add a touch of holiday spirit to your daily oral care routine.

Day 7: Sip Smartly Through the Seven Swans-A-Swimming

Seven swans may be swimming, but you can sip smartly. Choose water over sugary beverages to stay hydrated and keep your smile radiant.

Day 8: Santa’s Workshop—DIY Oral Care

Santa’s workshop isn’t the only place where magic happens. Create a DIY oral care routine that fits your lifestyle, ensuring your smile stays magical all year long.

Day 9: Grin and Bear It—Managing Holiday Stress

The holiday season can be stressful, but don’t let it show on your smile. Practice stress-relief techniques, such as deep breathing or festive activities, to keep your grin intact.

Day 10: Drumming Up Good Dental Habits

March to the beat of good dental habits. Use a fluoride toothpaste, and let your toothbrush be the drumstick that keeps your teeth in harmony.

Day 11: Candy Cane Lane—Choosing Sweet Treats Wisely

Stroll down Candy Cane Lane wisely! Choose sugar-free candies and sweets to satisfy your sweet tooth without jeopardizing your oral health.

Day 12: Jolly Holly Jaws—Celebrating a Healthy Smile!

On the twelfth day, celebrate your jolly holly jaws! Embrace the holiday season with a radiant smile, knowing you’ve followed our 12 Days of Dental Health tips. From all of us at DentalCareXtra, have a joyous and tooth-friendly holiday season! Remember, we’ll be closed from December 22nd, 2023, and will reopen on January 8th, 2024. Wishing you a season filled with health, happiness, and smiles that shine as bright as the Christmas lights.