Biofunctional Bamboo Eco Gum&Toothbrush – single


World’s 1st & Best Biofunctional Bamboo Gum&Toothbrushes are finally here. 

Fully custom designed by Dr Hisham to help you replace the billions of nasty non-recyclable plastic brushes, thrown away every single year!

Taking care of your inner and outer ecology, biology and balance is our business.

Our home, Earth along with its oceans, requires us to stop sickening it with plastic. It’s time to evolve before we dissolve. With billions of non-biodegradable nor recyclable hard plastic toothbrushes dumped every year for decades, the story is about to change now.
We aim to constantly serve and help you look better, feel better and be better.
Designed in New Zealand by a leading dentist.


Dr Hisham’s Eco-friendly Natural Bamboo brush is custom crafted out of sustainable bamboo that is 100% compostable and biodegradable.
Dr Hisham personally designed this unique rounded handle to comfortably blend into your grip, regardless of the size of your hands.

The super soft bristles are gentle on your delicate oral skin and teeth. When combined with our non-abrasive Dental Serum or our water soluble Dental Powder, you’re guaranteed an exceptional clean, while keeping your smile safe.

How to Use:

Use at least 2 times per day to brush your teeth and gums in a constant swirling circular motion for 2 minutes each session. Use Dr Hisham’s Alkaline Mouth Rinse before brushing your teeth to stimulate saliva, neutralise acids and soften plaque to improve your cleaning experience and stay fresher longer.

Replace your Bamboo brush every 3 months. Cut off the soft nylon bristles and use the wood for craft or compost.


  • Best handle design in the world. Love it or your money back!
  • Super Soft Rounded Bristles to gently & thoroughly clean your 1. gums, 2. teeth & 3. in between your teeth, without abrasion, irritation or sensitivity.
  • Densely packed, flat profile, round tipped bristles for a Superior clean – think sponge on your precious car paint!
  • Non Fumigated! Double baked at 200C to create beauty and safety, by avoiding methyl bromide fumigation in NZ that ALL other bamboo has to go through.

Please contact our Practice to purchase and for product availability.