Dr Hisham’s Holistic Oral Care System Set – Personal Pack


Welcome to the oral portal of holistic healing & safe cleansing. Experience that fresh feeling & inner knowing this is ALL good for ALL of you.

This is the way that Dr Hisham designed it to be; emulating natural human oral physiology + Salivary flow modulation + Microbiome Bio-balancing. 

This is the Complete System as Dr Hisham & professional colleagues use personally, everyday. It’s a simple 1-2-3 step system to activate your Parasympathetic flow, Alkalise repeatedly and Biobalance without Badditives, following your Circadian rhythm.

Save 10% buying as a pack + get the Gum&Toothbrush for FREE + Free shipping anywhere in the world.

How to Use:

1. Rinse & gargle with the Alkaline Mouth Rinse for 1-4 minutes morning and night.

2. Follow by brushing your Gums and Teeth for 2-4 minutes, while anchored and breathing intentionally, with the Vital Teeth Serum on the unique energetically balanced Biofunctional Gum&Toothbrush in a ‘jiggle & wiggle’ massaging action.

Spit, don’t rinse! This unique Serum is healing, nurturing and rejuvenating to all your oral tissues (soft and hard) and balancing your microbiome.

3. Use the Vital Mints while on the go to rebalance, cleanse, alkalise and freshen your breath naturally,  3-5 times per day.

Either Suck&Go, Chew&Go or Crush&Brush with them (e.g. in a car or plane seat, stay calm, crush a Vial Mint in your mouth and brush with it and ingest it all safely).

Please contact our Practice to purchase and for product availability.