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Health History

This information is collected to understand your child’s growth, development and health.
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Dental History

Is this your child's first visit to the dentist?(Required)
**Especially if any dental x-rays were previously taken, as Oral Health & Beyond will only take diagnostic images if clinically necessary.
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Has your child ever had any dental x-rays taken?
If clinically required, dental x-rays are an important part of diagnosing your child's dental health. Oral Health & Beyond uses very low dose radiation equipment. This will be discussed if needed, as your consent is required.
Is there a history of dental decay or missing teeth in the family?

Oral Restrictions - Lip and Tongue Tie

Has your child ever been examined for oral restrictions of the oral muscles such as tongue/lip tie?
Has your child previously had a lip & or tongue released?

Diet & Feeding

As an infant, how was your child fed?
Did you experience issues feeding your child as an infant?

Did/does your child have any of the following issues with eating?
What does your child drink from?

Sleep & other developmental questions

Has your child ever experienced any of the following?(Required)
Bodywork - Has your child ever been assessed/treated by a Chiropractor, Bowen Therapist or the like?(Required)
Speech - Do you have any concerns in regards to your child's speech?(Required)
Has your child had any Speech Therapy?

Habits -Did or does your child have any of the following habits?
Developmental - Have you had any concerns in regards to your child's weight gain?
Is your child reaching milestones within anticipated time frames?


I submit this medical form on behalf of my child & I understand that this information is correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand it will be held strictest confidence and only used to improve the quality of service my child receives.
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Photos are routinely taken for dental/myofunctional, research & education purposes and in most cases these are for your child's dental records & kept on file only. Oral Health & Beyond does sometimes takes fun photos for use on social media, but will always ask your permission. I understand that if photos of my child are used, first name may be used but all other identifying information will be kept confidential. I do not expect compensation, financial or otherwise for the use of images.
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