What is the outcome if a tongue/lip is not treated?

About 5% of children are born with some degree of frenulum restriction, also known as tongue-tie or lip-tie.

This means that their tongue and/or lips are attached to the mouth with excessive webbing causes restrictions of movement. This tight tissue impedes the movement of the

tongue or lips to various degrees. Tongue-tie can interfere with a baby’s ability to suckle efficiently at the breast or bottle and cause the incorrect way of swallowing.

This may lead to nipple pain and trauma, poor breast milk intake and a decrease in milk supply over time. In case, of bottle feeding, it caused incorrect function habit and increase the intake of air. That can lead to an exhausted infant during feeds and also affect the formation of jawbones.

During infancy, there are infant concerns when breastfeeding and mother’s milk is not available and also the long-term effects such as:

  • Reduced immunity to disease if mother’s milk is not used ( pumping helps reduce this concern)
  • Increased risk of juvenile type diabetes, allergies & gastrointestinal problems
  • Increased risk of Spinal development abnormalities – Increased risk of dental decay
  • Increase risk of developing Speech problems – Increased risk of developing breathing problems
  • Increased risk of poor oral hygiene – Developing incorrect swallowing pattern
  • Orthodontic problems and facial development abnormalities

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