Let DentalCareXtra take some of the stress away with Invisalign

Parents spend a lot of time worrying about their children. From the moment your child is born the worries seem to pile-up, and by the time your child hits their teens, you are adding teeth straightening to the list of things you are concerned about. While your teenager is worried their smile doesn’t look like Harry Styles’ smile, you are more concerned with why it doesn’t and how that could be affecting your child’s health. Because, you know that crooked teeth could lead to gum disease, excess wear and tear on enamel or breathing issues. But you needn’t worry so much because DentalCareXtra has the solutions for you.

It is true that misalignment of teeth can be a genetic malformity, but it can be equally influenced by unique character quirks of being a kid. While the jaw is still growing, simple things like sleeping on their stomach, resting hands on the chin or chewing a pencil can cause a child’s jaw to slightly misshapen which pushes the teeth out of position. Discouraging these behaviours will go a long way toward preventing malocclusions.

Then there are the rough and tumble factors which come in to play as a kid. These are activities such as playing contact sports, falling out of trees or getting whacked in the face by a large stick when playing knights and ogres. Children need these adventures and accidents to help stimulate mental growth and shape them into adults. So, instead of worrying about them, go on the defensive. Mouthguards when playing rough sports are a must and should be a staple in any sports day go bag. Mouthguards help protect teeth against blunt force trauma which can cause teeth to fall out or become broken, which over time, can cause the teeth to misalign.

If, after all of this, your teenager ends up with crooked teeth anyway, come talk to DentalCareXtra. Our practice is one of the few providers in the Mackay region who are certified ‘Invisalign for Teens‘ providers, and we are a Gold Invisalign Provider.

Invisalign clear aligners have a minimal cosmetic impact because they are clear and virtually undetectable. They can also be removed for special occasions (such as a school formal), and for eating and cleaning. All of this means that your child will not be subjected to taunts of ‘metal mouth’ or the embarrassment of having spinach caught in braces, as they undergo treatment for teeth straightening.

Invisalign is equally as effective as braces but without the painful wire adjustments at dental checkups. Speaking of which, with treatment via Invisalign you may not need to attend the practice for checkups as much, because the progress can be monitored via your child’s smartphone thanks to Dental Monitoring. (Finally, a better use for their phone than just Snapchat!)

With the option of a payment plan, thanks to zipMoney, treatment via Invisalign won’t hurt your pocket. For as little as $57 a week over 24 months (subject to terms and conditions), your child can have a smiler brighter than Harry Styles.

Contact DentalCareXtra today to book in for a complimentary teeth straightening consultation to discuss your options. Or, complete the below form, and one of our friendly team will contact you.