DentalCareXtra take care of you the entire way.

DentalCareXtra are pleased to be able to provide our Patients in Moranbah and Marian Practices care under General Anaesthetic at the Private Mater Hospital in Mackay.

If you are undergoing treatment for Wisdom Teeth removal, or undertaking significant treatment in the area of General Dentistry (i.e. fillings and restoration), the Team at DentalCareXtra can take care of assisting you in providing the best care possible*.

General Anaesthetic is also available to Children and Patients who are anxious or nervous about undertaking dental treatment to ensure you get best possible outcomes based on your needs.

With the use of our specialised Sirona X-ray in Moranbah and Marian we are able to determine the best Treatment Plan through our New Patient Experience.

From this point, we can then provide you a comprehensive Treatment Plan that will provide you with the treatment approach along with comprehensive cost overview. Our Patient Care Coordinator will help guide you through the steps of your treatment.

With the information we provide you, you can contact your Health Fund to determine your rebate (if you have a Health Fund Insurance along with the appropriate cover) for the Dental Services, Anaesthesia and Mater Hospital Fees.

DentalCareXtra are proud to take care of you during the entire experience for your treatment from pre-, during and aftercare by our Team of Professionals who really care about Care and Quality.

Please Contact Us for more information and to make an appointment today, so we can assist you to get the best Treatment Outcomes under General Anaesthetic from our Moranbah and Marian Practices.

* Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.